Doody Buddies Pet Waste Removal

Pet Waste Removal in Pocatello, Idaho.We Pick up after your dogs so you don't have to. Plain and simple!

Pricing (Starting at)

Our prices are not set in stone. We will give you a quote after your initial cleanup.The prices are based on your yard size, and how many dogs you have. The prices below will give you an idea of what you'll be paying.We do have an initial price of $60, + $10 for each bag after 3.

DogsWeeklyEvery Other Week
1 Dog$17$27
2 Dogs$20$32
3 Dogs$24$36
4+ Dogs$28+ 

These prices are best used for yards that are a 1/2 acre or less, particularly where the dog(s) poop.We have custom prices for very large yards, apartment complexes, and commercial locations.

Spring Cleaning

When your yard hasn't been cleaned in over 2 months, or since before snowfall, we call it a spring cleanup.Here are our minimum prices for a single spring scoop.The price goes up by $10 for each bag after 3.

1 Dog$60
2 or 3 Dogs$90
4+ Dogs$130 +

Pet Waste Removal in Pocatello, Idaho

Doody Buddies gives you back your time by scooping your dog's poop, so you never have to!

The Team

Doody Buddies is ran by Miles and Makayla Halter. We have been serving the residents of Pocatello, Idaho since January, 2021.We have scooped well over 100 yards, and we look forward to adding you to that list!

Now Doing Pet Waste Removal in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Doody Buddies is now growing in Idaho Falls, and we look forward to hearing from you if you're looking for a regular dog pooper scooper for your yard.

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